Shantou xinhua packing machinery co., LTD. Was established in1989Years,Is a collection research and development design、Manufacturing、Sales、Services in the integration of the old packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises。
  Our factory main products are:The filling machine、Sealing machine、Packaging machine、Fully automatic filling sealing machine、Box molding of plastic cup filling sealing and cutting machine、Self-supporting bag full automatic filling screw cap packaging machine、Self-supporting bag filling sealing machine、Ice pops automatic filling sealing packing machine、Fully automatic packing machine、Pasteurized automatic production line, etc. Series of mechanical equipment。Products are widely used in food、Medicine、Toys、Daily chemical and other industries。Product technology content is high,Strong practicability,Good word of mouth,Sell well in most provinces and cities of the country,And exported to the americas、The United Kingdom、Greece、The commonwealth of independent states (cis)、Bulgaria、Egypt、South Korea、Thailand、The united Arab emirates、Iran、In Indonesia、Malaysia、The Philippines、Vietnam、The Middle East and so on more than 40 countries and regions。
QGF-ZThe plastic cup(Box)The molding filling, sealing and cutting machine
QGF-ZCColor paillette to version of molding filling sealing and cutting machine
CQ-450Molding die cutting machine
ZLDSelf-supporting bag full automatic filling screw cap packaging machine
QGFSeries fully automatic filling sealing machine
QGF-3Fully automatic filling sealing machine
ZGDSelf-supporting bag filling sealing machine
XH-280Microcomputer automatic packing machine
XH-Automatic production line for pasteurization